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Hey, I'm Henry!

As one of the voiceover industry's most in-demand, go-to independant audio engineers, I have the immense joy of working with and helping incredible voice actors, both seasoned pro's + those who are just starting out, as well as creative agencies, full-service production houses, authors + other professionals across the globe on a daily basis, and on a very personal level.

I have had the pleasure of leading expert voiceover & ADR recording sessions and editing VO for some of the biggest brands & productions in the world, including Disney, 20th Century Studios, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Netflix, Starbucks, IKEA, UPS, Microsoft, Fanta, Michelin, Aramco, Samsung, the BBC and many more.

I have always had a love for voices, words, lyrics & accents, and grew up obsessed with music. I learned to play the guitar age seven and have

The Beatles and Barenaked Ladies to thank for my musical education.

During my teens I also became a double bass player, I had my first experience of recording in a studio when I was just twelve years old and from then on found myself regularly writing & recording whilst learning to engineer, mix, and work with sound at home on my old Tascam 8-track digital portastudio.

Fast forward through my early to mid twenties, playing and recording with various bands, then at 27 I became the studio manager and head engineer at a UK recording studio, shifting the studio's focus from local bands to voiceover & ADR work, and proceeded to build-up clients and work at an incredible rate.

In 2021 I became a father for the first time and moved on for a happier and more balanced work/home life with my wife and young daughter, launching my own business from my own studio at home where I could offer a far more personal service and reach further corners of the voiceover industry.


Today, I am truly privileged that I get to work with so many professionals throughout the industry on a one-to-one basis, and always look forward to helping both new and repeat clients.

For a full list of services and rates, please head to the Services & Rates page.

In need of some help for a project? Reach out any time via email at or give me a call on +44 7843 183 666.

I'd be delighted to chat.

Henry Willard
"Henry is a delight to work with. A talented audio engineer and all-around nice guy, his work portfolio is incredible, and I feel honored to know him.
Henry goes above and beyond to make everything run smoothly and take the pressure off us voice actors so we can just, you know, do the acting!"


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