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Henry is an experienced television, film & animation audio engineer based in South-East England, UK specialising in remote recording for voiceover artists & voice actors, and live in-session voice-to-picture synchronisation for television commercials, animation & motion picture around the world, as well as recording, direction, editing, mixing & sound design for commercials, radio, e-learning, podcasts & more.

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A Bit About Me...

Hi, I'm Henry!

As a highly experienced, engaging & truly personable audio engineer, I help voiceover artists deliver their very best performance when recording from their home booth for clients on the line, by taking care of all the recording, and more, for them!

I specialise in remotely connecting with voiceover artists and voice actors all around the world and take care of all the technical demands of their recording sessions, thus completely freeing them up to focus purely on delivering first-class takes for their client.

The voice talent no longer has to worry about dipping in and out of their booth or moving back and forth between their microphone and laptop to check their recordings, adjust levels or scroll back through their timeline to play back certain takes for their client.

In our remote sessions, the voiceover artist can completely relax and focus on their script & delivery whilst I handle all the audio routing, remote connections, recording, playback of takes, on-the-fly in-session editing, sync to picture (if applicable), and audio file organisation, all​ whilst the client/creative team are also connected to the session via Zoom or Teams to direct and provide feedback.

I have had the pleasure of leading expert voiceover & ADR recording sessions for hundreds of leading brands, television productions, animations & independent companies around the world, in dozens of different languages for Disney, Coca-Cola, 20th Century Studios, Nestlé, Netflix, AppleTV, Starbucks, Microsoft, Just Eat, Fanta, Michelin, numerous BBC productions, and many more.

With extensive experience recording celebrities as well as professional voice talent, I am also more than pleased to work with both adult and child actors, creating an overwhelmingly positive recording experience for all involved.

I also offer a number of other services including post-session editing and audio 'clean-up', as well as sound design, recording, editing and mixing for radio drama's, audiobooks, commercials, radio, eLearning, podcasts & more.

I am delighted to record with Avid Pro Tools® Ultimate and use products and software by the great people at Source Elements, SessionLinkPRO, Direct Sound, Focusrite and Editors Keys.

Are you a voiceover artist who records directed sessions from your own booth? Let me take care of everything for you!

Get in touch via email at henry.willard@live.co.uk or feel free to give me a call on +44 7843 183 666 to have a chat through your project and requirements.

Henry Willard

How I Can Help You...

Voiceover Artist Benefits

With the vast majority of voiceover artists now having their own home-recording booths and equipment, working with myself frees you up to purely focus on delivering the very best performance for your client whilst they listen in to the session.

With you, the artist, recording from the comfort of your own home booth, I take care of all the technicalities -
The audio routing and remote connections, recording,
on-the-fly in-session editing, sync to picture, playback of different takes to picture, stitching together of different takes, audio file organisation and more.

I completely remove all the added pressure that comes with having to control your own session when there's an important client on the line.

From making sure your levels are correct, keeping track of every take, recording, playing back, trying to sync to picture, having to deal with any audio problems that may crop up, all whilst keeping the session running smoothly on top of delivering your best voice performance...
- I can lift all that weight off your shoulders.

What's more, there is no editing for you to have to do after the session in your own valuable spare time.

I am privileged to work with voice talent all over the world, and I guarantee you & your client an inspiring, highly enjoyable, efficient and thoroughly productive session with first-class results.

Client Benefits

+ Listen in to the live voiceover recording session via Zoom or Teams from the comfort of your own home, the office, or even on the go.

+ Superb direct-routing quality with extremely low-latency.

+ Give direction & feedback and communicate directly with the talent, myself and your colleagues.

+ Request to listen back to any takes or request re-takes during the session.

+ Request any edits during the session i.e. Stitching together the beginning of Take 2 and the end of Take 4 etc. All editing is carried out by myself there and then, and played back for review.

+ If the project has video i.e. a TV commercial, explainer video or documentary etc, you can see and hear the voiceover for your production sync'd to the picture there and then in-session, giving you a true feel for the spot.

+ The voice talent can focus purely on their performance, with all the recording, editing, sync’ing, playback, audio and call routing and audio file organisation handled by myself.

+ You can approve your selected take(s) at the end of the session - No need to have to hold additional meetings during work/home time with colleagues listening, discussing and picking favourite takes, or needing to request pickups.

What People Say...

Sara Headshot_edited.jpg
"It was a pleasure to work with Henry. He keeps the room light and uplifted, even when things get tough. He's a skilled engineer with a positive spirit."

Sara Jane Sherman
Emmy Award-winning voice director and Casting Director for Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox, Cartoon Network & more

Credits include Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & more

Mike Cooper Headshot.jpeg
"A great engineer like Henry has the skill to make sure both the talent and the creative team are heard and understood, to keep the technical side of things running smoothly, and to keep everyone focused on the end result, and Henry does all of this with a smile and a lightness of touch that makes his sessions a joy to be a part of."

Mike Cooper
Leading voiceover artist

Clients include Nestlé, Mercedes-Benz, National Geographic,
CNN, Visa, Amazon & more

Emma Lintern Headshot_edited.jpg
"I’ve worked with Henry on many occasions, both in person and remotely, and can highly recommend his services. Not only is he a skilled technician, but he’s also really friendly, calm and professional, takes an active role in the session and keeps everything running smoothly, no matter what is asked of him! In my role as the voice over artist, he always puts me at ease, intuitively knowing what is needed and is a pleasure to work with! Henry makes every session a breeze!"

Emma Lintern
Leading voiceover artist

Credits include Starbucks, Nestlé, Microsoft, Virgin, Trustpilot & more

Rhi Ostberg Headshot_edited.jpg
"I worked with Henry on a project that needed to do remote records and our team was so glad Henry was our engineer. Not only was communication with Henry always seamless and everything we needed 
always expertly taken care of, Henry also was so personable and easy-going which really made all of our sessions a great experience. I would recommend working with Henry to anyone and I hope I’ll have many more opportunities to work with him again!

Rhi Ostberg
Production Supervisor at Skydance Animation, Los Angeles CA

Credits include ONI, Trash Truck, I Heart Arlo, We Bare Bears & more

Jenny Headshot.jpg
“It’s not very often you get a good mix of relaxed and professional in one person, but Henry fits the bill.     From our first interaction two years ago, up until present day, Henry’s communication makes everyone feel at ease - From the voice actors recording, to finding solutions in sound design.
The BBC have always commented on the quality of my radio drama’s, and I know that’s down to Henry’s expertise as a sound engineer. 
Thank you Henry, & I hope to work with you again for all future audio projects.”

Jennifer Alexander