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Hi, I'm Henry!

I'm a professional freelance audio engineer, musician, and a proud dad based in the south-east of England, UK, around an hour south of London.

I have had the pleasure of leading expert voiceover & ADR recording sessions for hundreds of brands, productions & animations for Disney,

20th Century Studios, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Netflix, AppleTV, Starbucks, Microsoft, Just Eat, Fanta, Michelin, numerous BBC productions, and many more.

I have always had a love for voices, words & lyrics, and I find incredible passion in recording dialogue in all different languages from around the world, and where applicable, bringing them together with picture, whether it be for a commercial, animation, feature film, or an independent project.

I also take immense pride in being an engineer who is highly personable, engaging, conscientious and delivers a big smile.

I had my first experience of recording in a studio when I was just twelve years old and from then on found myself regularly recording throughout my teens whilst learning to engineer, mix, and work with sound at home on my old Tascam 8-track digital portastudio.

Fast forward through my early to mid twenties playing and recording with various bands, at 27 I became studio manager and head engineer at a recording studio in Kent, primarily shifting to voiceover & ADR work and building up the studio and its clients at an incredible rate.  

In 2021 I became a father for the first time and opted to move on for a happier and more balanced work/home life with my partner and young daughter whilst continuing to work as a freelance voiceover & ADR engineer, recording & editing dialogue for TV commercials, video production companies, audiobook publishers, TV & film, and some of the biggest names and brands around the world.

If you have a new TV commercial, documentary programme, animation, film, eLearning video, audiobook or any other upcoming project that needs recording and/or editing, I would love to help.

You are guaranteed an inspiring, highly enjoyable, efficient and thoroughly productive session with first-class results.

Get in touch via email at or feel free to give me a call on +44 7843 183 666 to have a chat through your project and requirements.

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