Below are just some of the artists and musicians I have had the pleasure of working with, and in most cases am still working with from time to time.

The featured bands/artists directly below are who I am currently working and gigging with on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the Tour Dates page!


Steve Spall, Mike Wilton, Tom Jennings, Jez Harley, Adam Rust, Stuart Evans, Andrew Vickery, Mike O'Hara, Will Stokes, Chris Rouse, Richard Phillips, Michael Pearson, Francisco Centofanti, Simon Bray, Gianni Chiarello.


Joe McElderry, Lucy Kay, Natalie Stroud, Josie Florence, Poppy Raine, Robyn Turl, Isabelle Yardley, Dominic McCarthy, Tom Packman, Lydia Hughes.


Ross Wall, Marc Morrison, Ryan Turner, Paul Dunton.


Mike Evin, Jono Harrison, Conrad Vingoe, Freddy Green, David Mumford, Matt Pound, Kyla Stroud, Tom Walker, Ellie Mason, Imogen Mason, Josie Lee, Dan Clews, Gary Lucas, James Coupland, Ben Sales.


Matt Billups, Memby Jago, Elliot Noble, Steven Watts, Tom Heasman, Alex Howis, Matt Bennie, Simon Browne, James Chapman, Liam McKinnon, Finlay O'Hara, Nat Colman, Bart Brummer, Stuart Wallinger, Zinga Rabhi, Will Hone, James Vickers.


Joe Harvey-Whyte (pedal steel), Brendan Mills (saxophone), Max Asbridge (saxophone), Fiddles Smith (mandolin), Cecilia Christophers (violin, vocals), Gregory Smith (saxophone), Patrick Jenkins (trumpet), Anoushka Neale (cello), Mischa Bray (violin).

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